donderdag 2 februari 2023

One day!

One day, two's been ordered, placards have been made, rooms have been allocated, officials are packing their bags to arrive at the Barlaeus at 20.00 tomorrow to prepare the building for you...actually, all we're waiting for is delegates! Prepare like mad for one more day and please remember to bring your deodorants, because it's going to be sweaty...



zondag 29 januari 2023

One week!

Dear delegates, 

Only one more week and BYP will be off and running...time to get your engines started, practise your English, research your own and other resolutions, find your suit, sharpen your pencils & your tongue and in general, prepare yourself for one of the most fatiguing, educating, stimulating, frustrating, communicating and exhilarating weekends of your life.

The officials’ team is looking forward to organizing, boarding, jurying, chairing and journoing for you: now it is up to you to make it worth our while!
One more week. Get ready.