woensdag 23 januari 2019


Unfortunately, it's going to be cold and very rainy this weekend. Part of teambuilding will take place outside, so bring warm clothing, a rain jacket and possibly something like sweatpants. I added hot chocolate and whipped cream to the two-meter long shopping list...

Remember to bring a mattress, sleeping  bag and most importantly: a pillow. The auditorium benches are unforgiving.

Last but not least: no laptops, tablets or other devices. Just your preparation kit, collected materials and a few pens!


maandag 21 januari 2019

One week until BYP 2019!

Dear delegates, 

Only one more week and BYP will be off and running...Eventhough we realise it is testweek, it is time to get your engines started, find your suit, print (or make notes of) lots of information for your own and the other topics (and organize everything neatly into a nice file..), iron your shirt, borrow a tie, polish your heels, sharpen your pencils & your tongue and in general, prepare yourself for one of the most fatiguing, educating, stimulating, frustrating, communicating and exhilarating weekends of your life.

The officials’ team is looking forward to organizing, boarding, jurying, chairing and journoing for you: now it is up to you to make it worth our while!

One more week. Get ready.
Margriet & Rein

dinsdag 13 november 2018


Dear delegates,

All necessary information was sent yesterday; please start preparing quickly and don't leave it until the last minute. If you need any information or help, contact your chairs or me.