zondag 30 januari 2022

Third Debate: ITRE

 After a short break, the delegates resumed debating with renewed spirits (fueled by roze koeken). Onto ITRE, the committee on Industry, Reseach and Technology. Operative Clauses were read out and the defense speech was delivererd. The defense speech touched on reasons why people are afraid of nuclear power and that those fears have halted research into nuclear power which is keeping the world from cleaner and more sustanable energy. This was a very balanced and perfectly timed speech that put the risks and rewards of nuclear power into perspective

The attack speeches were delivered by DROI and CULT respectively. Both committees did not think that the positives were worth the risk of possible accidents and weaponization. These speeches were immediately followed by the first round of open debate. The dangers of nuclear power were brought up again. CULT made the point that past accidents would not happenwith the technology we have today, which caused an explosion of direct responses. FEMM, ENVI, CULT, LIBE, ENVI again, ECON! Very lively and engaging.

This gave the proposing committee enough material to respond to. They did this in a systematic and factual manner. Opening the second round of open debate was DROI. They touched on the waste that nuclear power produces. This point was added to by ECON. CULT made a very constructive point about investing more in the research of other sustainable modes of generating power. LIBE II also made a similar point and spoke about nuclear fusion being a safer way of producing nuclear energy. ECON stated that nuclear plans are a long term solution to something that requiers a short term one as well, climate change. Another diverse round of debate, which gave the proposing committe a difficult task to respond to them all. Luckily they handled it very well.

The third and final round of open debate started of strong with a direct response from ECON. The point that ENVI made about human error in nuclear powerplants was answered by a direct response from FEMM, who advocated for stricter safety protocols to take away the room for mistakes. A few of the committees also asked the ITRE how they would counter the possible weaponization of nuclear power. The last point of the debate was made by FEMM adressing the dangers of giving nuclear power over to the free market, which got two direct responses. One from ITRE, saying that there would of course be regulations, and one from CULT saying that even with regulations private investors would have too much power. 

This signaled the end of this explosive debate. The unprepared summation speech made by ITRE stressed the safety of power plants with modern technology. The prepared summation proposed spreading awareness about nuclear power to take away the fear that exist in society. They were both very articulate and informational speeches. 

Voting turned into a full blown musical with Queen, the YMCA and ABBA. This musical atmosphere fit perfectly with the fact that this resolution has passed!

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  1. Great admiration for those quick recaps of the debates and for all other amusing content on the weblog, thanks Margriet!!