zondag 30 januari 2022

Sixth Debate: FEMM

 The penultimate debate! FEMM, the committee on women's rights and gender equality. We started of strong with a confident reading of the OC's and this atmosphere was carried over into the defense speech. It is difficult to make percentages sound interesting and inspiring but this defense speech did the trick with confidence and passion. Down with the Peters. 

Every committee really wanted to get the attack speech. The first lucky one was DROI. They made the point that companies can lie about the percentages of the salaries if men and women. They were also very constructive when they said that encouraging women and girls to participate in STEM subjects. The second attack speech went to CULT. This speech was delivered in a very charismatic manner and also had good content, that there are already a lot of women in STEM and governments should encourge and support them. 

With that the first round of open debate got started. Very quickly there was a direct response from LIBE II about the gender quotum not being fair because people should be hired for their skills and not their gender. FEMM clarified in a direct response that their quotum would concern the ampount of women who sollicitate and not the amount of women who are hired. ENVI made a point about the underlying factors of systematic sexism and those not really being represented in the OC's. In their response FEMM stated that quotums would not deminish the quality of the work. Nobody wants positive discrimination, but in our society it is unfortunatly necessary. To prevent the companies from lying they would want to instate a third party to publish the information about the different salaries. It was a very passionat and thorough response.

The second round of open debate started with a point by ECON, who suggested anonymous application. CULT stated that the wage gap is not because of sexism because women who have children can often only work part time or take maternity leave and cannot work as much. DROI suggested to try to get more women on the company boards or the third party that would have the information about the salaries. FEMM responded to CULT's point by saying that because of maternal leave women get promoted less than men, because men don't often take paternal leave. THis marked the end of the second round of debate.

ECON started the third and final round of open debate out strong by suggesting that both mothers and fathers take periodical sabbaticals to even out the difference. CULT stated that FEMM wanted equalized maternal and paternal leave but that this will probably not work because men are hesitant to take paternal leave. 

In their unprepared summation speech FEMM stated, in regards to their quotum, that higher placed jobs should be divided equally amongst men and women. In the prepared summation FEMM put us in the shoes of a mother and carreer woman who is unable to continue to grow professionally due to sexism. Thy advocated for an equal society and not companies filled with Peters.

Just when we thought the singing and rhyming was getting a bit old, these kids suprised us all with they're creativity and humour. But we we not the only ones who were suprised as with 46 in favour and 5 against FEMM's resolution has passed

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