zondag 30 januari 2022

Seventh Debate: ENVI

 This is it folks. We're almost done. At the end of the line. It has all come to this. ENVI, the committee on environment, public health and food safety, it's only you now. TAKE THE STAGE!

A goal was set for this debate: to get 14 direct responses. This has certainly reignited the competitive spirit in the delegates. But before they could try to accomplish this goal, the OC's have to be read out and the defense speech has to be delivered. In the aforementioned speech the delegate painted a disney-esque picture of a guppy losing her mother to platics in the sea. To protect the maritime environment ENVI suggests investment into sustainable plastics and enforcing further taxation on the production of single-use plastics. All in all, great speech. 

Now onto the last attack speeches of the day. The first one went to FEMM. They do not believe that taxation will decrease the amount of single-use plastics, they used the increased price on sigarettes and how that barely had any impact. The second one went to LIBE II. They too criticized the taxtion on single-use plastics, because it will always be more financially viable to use single-use plastics. They suggested trying to change individual people first. The last and unusual third attack speech went to DROI. They stated that the plastics that are already in the ocean should also be removed and suggested to invest in already existing programs with this goal. 

Now onto the last first round of open debate. FEMM noted that ENVI did not come up with a solution to safe the fish that are dying in the ocean right now. The first direct response was made by LIBE II as they stated that raising awareness would be a better solution to the amount of single-use plastics than a tax. ECON suggested to ban single-use plastics all together, this got a direct response from CULT stating that banning plastics would be impossible because they are used in almost every product. ECON directly responded to point by clarifying that they just meant single-use plastics. LIBE II brought up the point that banning single-use plastics would be a huge detriment to the disabled community and the medical community, who both heavily rely on them.

It was a difficult task for ENVI to respond to the wide range of points made. But unsurprisingly they managed it very well, responding to nearly every single one of them. This neatly brought us to the second round of open debate. After a short tangent about minecraft from one of our very professional board members. CULT argued for products without plastics to be more readily available. ECON pointed out that a lot of plastics in the oceans get there via rivers and that they would have liked to see this included in the resolution. DROI advocated for reducing the amount of redundant single-use packing plastics is the only real solution. FEMM responsed directly and said that they agreed that some single-use plastics are necessary and others are not. ECON brought up the point of microplastics and that they didn't see anything mentioning those in the resolution. ITRE said that reducing single-use plastic is not the main goal, but cleaning up the ocean is. DROI used their direct response to say that preventing more plastic from reaching the ocean will make cleaning the ocean a lot easier. The last point was made by LIBE II. They also touched on the lack of solutions to all of the plastic in the ocean. 

Again the ENVI committee handled their response very wel, were very thorough and responded to practically every point made. Then the floor was opened to the last round of this debate and of this BYP session. It started of with a bang from ECON about microplastics comprimising our health. DROI also used their direct response and wholeheartedly agreed with ECON. FEMM pointed out that just funding research isn't a real solution and certainly not now that time is of the essence. LIBE II advocated for the reuse of single-use plastics. The very last point of this session went to CULT. They stated that further taxation would only target the people who "need" single-use plastics the most and the people who can afford alternatives would still be able to afford the more expensive single-use plastic.

This brought us to the uprepared summation speech by ENVI. They stated that to come up with a solution for the toxicity of plastics the first need information, which is why they want to fund research. They also pointed out that micro-plastics are a long term problem and macro-plastics are a short term problem. That is why the focus on the macro-plastics. As for the prepared summation... What can i say but WINTER IS COMING FOR US ALL! and also that is was a spectaculair end to a spectaculair debate.

It seems that the musical attitude has left the building and humour, rhyme and divided opinions have entered. ENVI definitly wins most theatrical committee. They can come and get their applause, because their resolution has passed! Such a nice positive ending to this session!

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