zondag 30 januari 2022

Second debate: ECON

 Next up: ECON, the committee on economic and monetary affairs. The reading out of the operative clauses was swiftly followed by a poised, practical and professional defense speech. In this speech the investing in companies such as zoom to make working from home more attractive. They also advocated for subsidizing sustainable companies. 

FEMM delivered the first attack speech. They suggested instating a EU wide pandemic response plan, to avoid future detriment to the economy in case there is another pandemic. They criticized investing in a multi-national like Zoom as they have enough money already. The second attack speech was delivered by ITRE which, among other things, critized the promoting of local businessses. 

Going into the first round of open debate we already had a two direct responses by LIBE and CULT about the availability of digital devices to people who can't afford to go to their far away jobs and have to use Zoom. A great start to a great debate. The increase of mental health problems because of the pandemic was brought up numerous times, as the other committees did not think it was properly adressed in the resolution of ECON. At the end of this first round we had already had 5 direct responses and a large amount of varying points. A very good round indeed!

After a charismatic and concise response of ECON to the points made in the debate, the second round commenced. Starting with a point by DROI, immediately followed by a direct response from ENVI about the hierarchy that could form between people who have a lot of monitors to work with and those who don't. The quality of the points made was very high this round.

The response from ECON was promptly followed by tweo direct responses by ENVI and FEMM. Points were being made at the speed of lighting. Mental health issues because of the working environment and global pandemic were brought up again in this round. ITRE made a point about not only rewarding sustainable companies but also penalizing the ones that are not. LIBE II pointed out that there are better places to invest EU money than Zoom and that the money would be better spend on making other companies more suatainable. After a tough battle of merciless plancard shaking the last two point of the third and last round of open debate went to CULT and FEMM. Well fought soldiers!

The unprepared summation speech spoke of giving people the opportunity to work at home and stressed the importance of investing in healthcare. The prepared summation speech was a passionate about the healthcare workers who have been through so much this past two years and urged the opposing committees to vote in favor of their resolution.

After some creative voting procedures (Mama Mia might have been involved), we are sad to anounce that with 14 votes in favor and 37 against this resolution has not passed.

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