zondag 30 januari 2022

Fourth Debate: LIBE II

 We've passed the halfway point and have reached the next proposing committee: LIBE II, the committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs II. The reading out of the OC's was as per usual followed by the Defense Speech. This speech gave us an insight into the horrible things refugees and migrants go through. LIBE II eloquently explained why their solutions would work and summed it up with the very catchy slogan "immigration, legislation, integration". 

The first attack speech was by ENVI and commented on the risk of moving things along too fast, which would create even more problems. Their were very constructive and advised LIBE II to take thinks slow, focussing on education and intergration first. The second attack speech was deliverd by ECON. They pointed out that there are developmental differences between the countries in the EU and that an equal distribution of migrants would neither be fair to the countries nor the migrants. 

Going into the first round of open debate the first point made was immediately followed by a direct response by the proposing committee. As is well know we very much appreciate those. DROI agreed with the earlier point made in the second attack speech, using Geramny and Slovakia as examples. This point was followed by two direct responses from ECON and then DROI. This was a good round of debate and the proposing committee was able to summarise al the point and respond to them in a very punctual fashion.

After a minute of deliberation amongst the delegates, the second round of open debate started with the opening point being made by ITRE. This point got a direct response from ENVI and the from LIBE II. These three points dealt with using vacant houses to house migrants and refugees. CULT touched on the way that distributing refugees is a way of dehumasizing them, which will only do harm to their integration. DROI proposed that we should raise awareness and acceptance in the community instead of in schools as to better help the intergration of migrants. A good round, but we could have used more direct responses :).

After LIBE II responded to the last round of open debate, the third and final round of this debate. Starting off strong with a direct response from CULT

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