zondag 30 januari 2022

First debate: DROI

 After a very enlightening Mock Debate, showing us the do's and don'ts of GA, the very first committee of the day was: DROI, the committee on human rights. After the operative clauses were read out, the Defense Speech was delivered by Quinten Wurbain. The arguments were delivererd in a calm and clear manner, so that everyone could clearly understand the importance of spreading awareness and doing something about statelessness in the EU. 

Following this speech came two Attacks Speeches from two of the opposing committees. Were they critisized some of the Operative Clauses proposed by DROI. Mainly the points of spreading awareness and public schooling for stateless children.

Going into the first round of open debate the theme of public schooling for stateless children being atainable or not remained a throughline. The fact that not all stateless people were acounted for in the resolution was also brought up multiple times. We also had the first direct response by the committee of ENVI, making this a very lively round of open debate. 

The committee of DROI responded to the points made in the debate and in the attack speeches. After which the second round of open debate commenced. With two other direct responses within the first minute, which is always much appreciated. Allowing stateless children to attend public schools remaind a hotly debated topic. Points were made about the discrimination those children might face and the probable influx of refugees when public schooling would become readily available to them.

The DROI committee defended their public schooling point once more. They stated that they didn't want separate schools to prevent any further segragation and that schooling would help stateless children learn the language and integrate into society.

In the third of open debate further points were made about the schooling. The issues people might face when trying to apply for a public school, which can be very difficult, were brought up. LIBE defended the public schooling OC which was followed by a direct response from CULT, keeping up the lively and invested spirit we have seen so far in this debate. 

After another direct response by ECON, DROI responded to the points raised during this round. They stated that raising awareness is imperative, as many people have no clue about the state of stateless people.

In the fourth and final round of open debate a lot of plancards went up. The issue of not only children but also adults was raised by CULT. After a point made by ITRE, ECON made a direct response and after that ITRE made a direct response to the direct response. We love to see it! ITRE used both of their direct responses in this round! The focus on stateless children was critisized by a number of committees by saying that stateless adults are often not recognized or don't speak the language. A "separate but together" schooling program for stateless children within public schools was proposed and debated during this round.

After two more direct responses DROI gave their unprepared and prepared summation speeches. In the unprepared the highly debated points of public schooling were adressed once more in a very clear and concise manner. The prepared summation was a passionate plea for the recognision of stateless persons fundamental human rights.

With 41 votes in favor and 10 votes against the resolution of the committee on human rights has passed!

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