zondag 30 januari 2022

Fifth Debate: CULT

 It's not a cult! It's just CULT, the committee on culture and education. To open this debate the Operative clauses were read and the Defende Speech was given. The latter made us feel for every LGBTQ+ child in school who is getting bullied, feels isolated and alone. It was a touching speech about recognizing that we are all humans and that sexuality, gender indentity  or race should not matter because everyone deserves respect and love. This message was delivered with a serious tone to perfectly accompany the severity of the topic. 

The attack speeches both critisized the LGBTQ+ employee quotum for being both discriminatory and demeaning. The first point in the debate was made by FEMM about bullying and how the CULT committee would tackle this. CULT used a direct response to say that there is no universal program on how to handle bullying and that it is very difficult to determine what is and isn't bullying. I'm sure the board was happy to see a direct response this early in the debate. The teacher quotum was brought up again and how it is rather easy to pretend to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. ENVI asked what the criteria should be to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. LIBE II immediatelty used a direct response to say that there should be no criteria exept to identify as not heteroromantic, heterosexual or cisgender. 

There were a plethera of points made during the first round of open debate and CULT responded expertly to them, using the whole floor. After the response, debating resumed and the second round of open debate  got started. ECON responded to a point that CULT had made in their response, which was that the teachers in the quotum didn't have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community but that they just had to be a representative. ECON stated that someone who is not part of that community wouldn't know what LGBTQ+ people go through and wouldn't be a real representative. ENVI stated that somebody who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community can still not know everything and still be bigoted in some ways. The last point of the debate was a direct response of LIBE II to ECON, stating that eventhough maths and english is important to teach in schools it is also important to learn about other thing to do with society. We thought this would be the last point of this round but it unleashed a typhoon if direct responses. First from ECON, defending their original point that school is for not for learning about LGBTQ+ topics. Two other direct responses agreed with LIBE II that learning about your fellow human is very inmportant. The CULT committee agreed with these points in their response to this round of debate. 

The third round and final round of open debate started with a direct response from FEMM, asking how the CULT committee would deal with parents who object to schools teaching LGBTQ+ topics. ECON made the point that religion shouldn't be an obstacle, to which DROI directly responded to say that they agreed but that in reality it often is. LIBE II agreed with past points about school being a place to learn about life and that LGBTQ+ topics are a part of life too. After a viscious battle for the last point, ENVI came out on top. They stated that the schoolbooks should not be written by the government as it can be biased.

In the unprepared summation speech a few points were clarified. They wanted to start a movement in which people can identify eachother and feel less alone. The prepared summation shocked us with the extremely high suicide rates amongst people in the LGBTQ+ community in the netherlands alone, a relatively accepting country. The speech called out for people to treat everyone with respect and as normal human beings, no matter how they identify.

It has turned out to be BYP: the musical. Choreography, singing and puns! My favourite combination of things! It must have been CULT's favourite combination too, because we were happy to anounce that their resolution had passed!

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