zaterdag 29 januari 2022

Committeework and laughs

Between all the work the journo's have been doing, making sure your kids have the best possible pictures of themselves and posting on the blog, we've found some time to give a more personal view in what is happening behind those mysterious doors. 

The first committee we visited was ITRE chaired by Sudenaz and Jeroen. Whilst listening to the great ideas being spoken about Ă–mer our president this weekend came in to play the chicken game. this fun and exciting game made the kids laugh at the top of their lungs. This fun little break gave the kids enough energy to continue pushing through with the last bits of committee work. 

The second committee we visited was LIBE II chaired by Marit and Bebel. When we came inside the committee was heavily debating about their own tactics for tomorrow's GA. These subjects aren't easy and the ease which with the delegates pick them up is incredible. 

The third committee we visited was CULT chaired by Raven and Marijn. When we came inside they were just starting an energiser to get their focus levels sky-high. Right after they continued their work on the OC's. 

The fourth and final committee we visited was FEMM chaired by Jason, Radoua and Elodie. when we came inside they were heavily discussing about which solutions they should choose for their problems.  

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