zondag 27 januari 2019

Thank you!

We can't believe this session is over. It seems like yesterday that the delegates were arriving, full of dreams and carrying their sleeping bags... oh right, that was only yesterday. The past 48 hours were so full of dancing, talking, (not) sleeping, nerves, and coffee breaks, it was hard to keep track of time.

On behalf of the media team we want to thank everyone that participated in this session. First we want to thank the organizers, who made sure snacks were provided at regular intervals, who dragged around tables and trash cans and groceries, and who cleaned up every spilled chickpea without complaining. You guys don't get nearly the credit you deserve.

We also want to thank the chairs, the board, and the jury, for doing the real serious work. They have spent every second this weekend with the delegates, have explained the complications of European policy until they were ready to cry/leave/drink, and showed up dressed to the nines at 7.30 sharp. Y'all are real ones.

Many, many thanks to the delegates, who worked tirelessly this weekend, really gave it their all, made friends, improved their English, proved themselves again and again and embarrassed themselves on camera. Thank you especially for that.

Last, a big old emotional thank you to the two people who consistently sacrifice their free time, their physical and mental health to organize this weekend each year. Margriet and Reinier: thank you, and you don't get paid nearly enough. Do they even pay you for this?

Much love to anyone who followed this blog! It was a pleasure.

XXX The BYP19 Media Team

PS. Don't forget to check out the two million photos we took! Click the link in the upper right corner for a chance to find a hot/ugly photo of your child/friend/self.

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