zondag 27 januari 2019

Dressed for success: GA looks

During GA delegates and officials are required for to wear formal clothing and, needless to say, all delegates look absolutely stunning. However, some of the delegate's styles really stand out today. We chose three best-dressed looks to give you an idea of how sharp everybody look today:
 Isis wowed the GA by wearing a beautiful beige suit. She matched it with a black turtleneck sweater and layered gold necklaces, upgrading the '80s career woman look to a sleek modern version. This combination made her outfit the best of the day.
Louk took us back in time with his 1960s bow tie, tunic shirt and high-waisted trousers. Louk is an expert of vintage clothes and thus knows how to dress for every occasion - including this one. He surprised us all with his twist on formal wear. 
 Kieran is a born politician in his dark blue suit. He finished his look with a dark red tie and a white pocket square. With this look, it is all in the details - not everybody looks this great in classic blue.

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