zondag 27 januari 2019

Debate 7: ECON

The debate about multinational corporations by the committee ECON starts out by Berber, who reads out the IC's and OC's. Isis (earlier today crowned best dressed delegate!) is now at the podium to deliver a defense speech. She thoroughly delineates the issue of tax avoidance, making sure the GA is well-informed for the open debate.
Victor from EMPL is recognized to deliver an attack speech. He points out several contradictions in ECON's proposal. Then he asks them about their seemingly endless amount of money - how will they fund this? Finally he criticizes ECON's most controversial clause: an EU-wide unitary tax system. Next is an attack from Ijsbrand from ENVI, who has shown himself to be an active debater and engaging public speaker. Go Ijsbrand! He argues for countries' rights to decide on their own systems of taxation. He finishes strong: "Is this really what we want?"
Lily from IMCO kicks off the debate with a point about the detriments of lowering taxes. Vigo from the proposing committee stands up to dispel some misconceptions about what a unitary tax system actually means. AFCO's Bobby asks about the possibility of being a tax haven and being on the blacklist simultaneously. Katia from EMPL speaks confidently without reading from her notes, impressive! On behalf of the entire media team I'd say we're very impressed in general at the level of confidence in these delegates. Two direct responses in a row from EMPL and ECON another DR from EMPL, the direct responses make this a very lively debate. The board recognizes after a round of debate with a lot of points on different tax systems. Louk explains the unitary tax system to clear up the misunderstandings stated in the points made by the other committees. Esther from INTA gets a point of personal privilege but after speaking up she makes a very good point.
ECON is up for the final speech, the first part, the unprepared is for Donna. She seems a bit stressed but delivers a great speech. Madelief is up for the prepared part of the summation speech. She calmly recaps the debate and even though she exceeds the time limit a little, the end of her speech is worth it.
Sadly the resolution was voted down. After a quick energiser it is time for the last debate of the day.

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