zondag 27 januari 2019

Debate 6: IMCO

Carlotta starts off this debate by reading out the IC's and OC's, followed by a short break because of a passing drum band. Minou delivers the defence speech stressing the need to regulate the sharing economy to protect consumers and companies. The sharing economy is only growing, she says, encouraging the other committees to vote in favour. Thomas attacks IMCO by mentioning that the under regulation the reason is for the widespread sharing economy. He does urge the company to be more transparent and enable privacy for the customers. ECON's Guus gives the second attack speech. He focuses on the particular OC's and criticises of IMCO's solutions.
The first round of debate opens with Marije making a point about certification. Liet asks for specification between two OC's, they do seem very alike. ENVI's Pien criticises the deleting of inactive accounts by using AirBnB as a perfect example. Katia questions if the OC containing the deleting of an account should only count for P2P-platforms. Rutger responds to the points made in debate on by one, very clearly.
The board starts the next round of debate by asking for suggestions, not questions. Then Louk makes the first point, followed by a lot of raised placards. Nice job. Pia gets recognised and makes a strong point, with a direct response from Katia. Ines mentions the need to discuss with companies, because the sharing of information is as income source for them, that is a fresh turn to the debate. But IMCO's Lily responds with the point that more people will use a platform that is known to be safe. One more point before the end of this round, with all the placards in the air. Bibiana questions if the committee will also give sick leave and such to less frequent users of the P2P-platforms. Nina defends IMCO by saying that they can try to regulate the worldwide web with the rating systems proposed. Pien suggests that information will not be removed so people will not keep misbehaving. The last point of the debate comes from Jade, who believes that customers will not care for stricter privacy regulations, because almost everybody uses Facebook and Instagram, which are known for selling and sharing private information.
Julia finishes the round of debate with the first part of the summation speech. Lily stresses the importance of their topic and resolution, by mentioning 'us' as the peers in the second part of the summation speech. 'We' as users have to stand up for our privacy. What a fire summation, with the combination of these two girls. Now it is time for the voting! Mattho, one of the VP's, is doing the quick math and there we are: 46 in favour, 27 against. The resolution has passed!

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