zondag 27 januari 2019

Debate 5: EMPL

The debate on employment starts with Pien reading out the IC's and OC's, followed by a loud applause. Then Lana takes the stage with a heartwarming defence speech. The committee focuses on the challenges for employment. They want to reduce the negative effects of globalisation and automation without limiting the benefits. She is looking forward to a positive and constructive debate, so are we! Tjitske, ENVI, breaks the ice with the first attack speech in this debate. She would like to discuss that the OC's do not cover the IC's. The committee limits the OC's to solutions for education, but forgets about the current employers, that lose the jobs they have done their whole life. Marijn gives the next attack speech, including a few solutions that would protect the Union. Wonderful! A constructive attack speech, that is what BYP is all about.
Time for the first open round of debate. Esther points out the fact that EMPL forgets about the lower intelligence of factory workers, pointing out the differences in reeducating people. Econ's Felix emphasises the inability for employers to compete with machines. The technology is growing, he says, and with education we cannot fill that gap. Mette suggests education focused on adapting with technology instead of competing with it. The debate turns to the economic aspect of this topic, focusing on how to finance the adaptation of education. Victor ends this round of debate with fierce points and answers for the questions mentioned in the debate. Lara direct responds to Victor with the point that they the solutions they proposed are to youth related. Donna stresses the speed of technology and questions if education would be able to keep up. Following the chain of direct responses Mette mentions that there are options for reaction new jobs. This debate is on fire! The direct responses keep on coming. Gizella, from the committee LIBE, breaks the chain with a question of where they would get all of the teachers to reeducate people. IMCO's Carlotta comments on OC 2 that people that lose their job are usually lower on the socio-economic ladder, which is a fresh turn to this debate.
Returning to the proposing committee EMPL comments extensively on the points made in the debate. Time to dig a little deeper in the second round of debate. Madelief answers a question raised by Roos. This was a short but lively round of debate. Katia delivers the first part of the summation speech. The committee would like to encourage people to get educated in the right sector, not the ones that will disappear because of automation. Jade ends the summation speech with a clear description of the positive and negative effects of globalisation and automation. She urges the GA to pass this resolution to make a change. Nervously EMPL awaits the voting results. But after such a lively debate the resolution sadly does not pass, with 18 votes in favour and 47 against.

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