zondag 27 januari 2019

Debate 4: INTA

Kieran delivers an impassioned defense speech on the necessity of "union, now more than ever". Improving Europe's economic position is a race against our former allies, survival of the fittest. It's time to invest in new allies, says Kieran, rising economic powers in Asia and Africa. Kieran mentions Toto's "Africa" for a much-needed laugh from the GA. Strong third-party involvement from WTO ensures safe trade. "We need to show the world that classic European diligence!" Kieran is truly a great public speaker; his speech is met with thundering applause.
Xiaoyou from EMPL delivers an attack speech. He says depending on trade parties will have a negative effect on the free market. He says the resolution looks like an extreme reaction to America's trade patterns - ouch! Maxime from IMCO also has an attack speech prepared. She urges INTA to resolve any impending trade war with the US by negotiating with the US, instead of racing to compete. US is still the most important trade partner of the EU, Maxime does not want us to forget.
Vigo makes the first point of the open debate. Fabius comments on INTA's fourth clause, saying that "investing" does not always mean that the money will end up in the right hands, due to corruption. Marije asks the proposing committee how it will make trade with the EU attractive. AGRI's Lara says  the EU should not seek close ties with countries that violate human rights, but rather strengthen the existing ties with the US. Lana from EMPL directly responds and says Trump may be in office for another 6 years, which is reason enough to distance ourselves from the US. Julia agrees wholeheartedly. Lara from AGRI again with a direct response, saying that 6 years is by no means a long time. In other parts of the world leaders may be elected for life. A direct response from INTA's Kieran, who says this is actually beneficial to their plan, because influencing leaders that may be in office for life yields long-term results. Carlotta wants to respond to Lara as well, saying that trade with developing countries should be encouraged as it is crucial to their development. Mette wonders if there isn't a possibility to trade with both the US and countries in Africa and Asia. The proposing committee's Isha responds to this round of open debate by saying a trade relationship is not necessarily a dependance.
Ramsus from AFCO kicks off the next round with a point on BRIC countries' human rights issues. He says trade with these countries gives the EU the possibility to improve their standards. Kieran directly responds to agree with Ramsus, saying that trading with nations that violate human rights is a timeworn tradition for countries like the US, so why shouldn't we? EMPL's Katia says child labor is a definite dealbreaker for her. Nikki from AFCO says trade agreements could include a stipulation that child labor is not allowed. Marije says the role of the WTO in INTA's proposal is unclear. Bibiana from ENVI agrees, and doubts that EU even has enough influence to ask the WTO to do this.
Sami makes the point that even within the EU, human right are violated every day. We need to look at our own problems before trying to solve them elsewhere. Bibi from the proposing committee reiterates the point that balancing the EU's trade agreements across the globe is a necessary step anyway, as being dependent on America is not a long-term solution. Victor agrees with a point previously made by Gizella about child labour. Bibiana doubts that everybody would agree with a WTO. Nina emphasizes the inability to force culture on people. Donna makes a direct response to Lana's point about the EU having to choose between the US and BRIC countries. ECON's Berber makes a quick point about investing in developing countries being a risky endeavor. Katia disagrees. AFCO's Nikki warns that the US may implement sanctions preventing the EU from lowering trade.
Now we go back to the proposing committee for a summation speech. Esther says once more that becoming less dependent on the US does not mean cutting off trade completely. While making agreements with BRIC countries, she says, the EU can still honor its own human rights values. Next is Noa, who emphasizes the protectionism of the US and the rich opportunities that lie elsewhere. This will put power back into the hands of the EU, and "leave Trump in the dust"! Inspiring!
Time for the votes: 8 against and 57 in favor, it's a record! Congrats INTA on your overwhelming majority!

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