zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Team building: to awkwardness and beyond

Team building is a unique phenomenon; it includes a lot of yelling, odd movements and strange assignments. Fighting, dancing, running, lying on the dusty classroom floors, telling secrets, singing and solving riddles are among the team building exercises.

Needless to say, the delegates have to let go of any form of shame (especially when on the Leidseplein) and for most of them this is something to get used to. Yet they easily got the gist of it and loud laughter was shared. In the end, it is out of our comfort zones where to most interesting situations occur.

Believe it or not, every single one of these games serves a specific purpose that will eventually help the delegates in the more serious process of committee work. From what we have seen, communication is now effortless and unashamed.

Lunch is taking place at the moment. We hope the delegates use the time to recharge, because the hard part hasn't even started. After lunch it is time to solve some of the most pressing European issues of this time.

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