zondag 14 januari 2018

Goodbye BYP 2018

It's over. These two days have gone by so fast. The session was wonderful, frantic, stressful, sweaty, exhausting and so much fun.

There are too many people to thank.

The officials, many of whom had the privilege of leaving high school a long time ago. They really should be spending their weekend legally going to clubs, but they used their free time to organise this wonderful session.

The delegates, a group of teenagers unlike any other - concentrated, outspoken, dedicated, and incredibly fun to be around.

The biggest heroes of all are those entirely hidden behind the scenes: Reinier and Margriet, two people who no longer have to pay rent because they have decided to move into the school permanently. At every event you can see them working tirelessly day and night, fueled by nothing but love and beer. Thank you to them, for everything.

Congratulations to every delegate who made it through this grueling 48-hour ordeal without fainting, crying or leaving.

Congratulations especially to Rijk, Bibi, Radoua, Samuel, Lina, Machteld, Marijn and Ezra, who were selected to represent the Barlaeus in the preliminary round of the European Youth Parliament. We hope you enjoy EYP as much as we all have. And when you graduate we hope you come back to join BYP - we will be here to welcome you.

If you've been reading the blog at home: thank you for your attention!
Love from Charlotte, Flip and Francisca (The Media Team)

Final Video BYP from ifight on Vimeo.

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