zondag 14 januari 2018

GA day: TRAN

Amélie explains the resolution in her defense speech. Her diction is wonderful and her explanation comprehensive - we really are getting to see some quality speeches today. Attack speeches by Lina and Rosemarie are critical but very relaxed. All the nerves are gone now that they have been debating all day.

Katy starts off the debate again with a great point on diesel cars and fossil fuels. Samuel adds more factual evidence to the debate. Jaap defends his committee's resolution in his response to the point made in the first round of debate. You would think public speaking is easy, the way these kids just get up and speak comfortably in front of a hundred people.

Wolf and Ezra seem to have been napping for the past few debates but they are back with critical points. A desperate fight for the last point of the entire GA was won by Simon and put to good use.

In his summation, Richard told us that global warming should concern the Dutch especially because "you're gonna sink". Nora finished the GA calmly, and looked more awake than any of us. Good job TRAN!

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