zondag 14 januari 2018

GA day: SEDE

Samuel looks nervous but his defence is witty and rife with topical references. Rijk's attack is one of the best yet: well-structured, eloquent and powerful. Severin's attack focused on screening and included the quote: "saying you don't need privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don't need free speech because you have nothing to say."

Bella makes the first point of the open debate and it sounds very smart indeed - I don't really know what PESCO is but Bella certainly does. Even though he is in sweatpants, Simon makes great use of the direct response placard. Lina from SEDE is patient and understanding in her response to the open debate.

The topic is tricky. Right now everyone is stuck on screening. The countries being discussed are called "the middle-east", "war-zones", "Syria or something", "those countries" - so it's unclear what exactly we're talking about. Lots of direct response placards in the air.

For the summation, SEDE sent two strong players to the stand. Adam, though he is fidgeting a little too much, responds to the points made in the debate in excellent English. Grace is back with as much fire as her first speech. The fact that she seems to be a native speaker makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately the motion for a resolution by the committee on security and defence did not pass.

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