zondag 14 januari 2018


Anouk speaks calmly and confidently during her defense speech. She explains populism, a topic widely misunderstood, in brilliantly simple terms. She also warned the other delegates against possible pitfalls in the coming debate. Very impressive!
Adam has a chance to redeem himself with an attack after the fidgeting incident in his last speech, and does so with a lot of flair - a born diplomat. Juliette's attack focuses on the media's obsession with populist politicians.

The president once again urges the quiet ones to speak up and the loud ones to step down - "your pen is your friend", he tells them. Be a mensch and pass a note instead of hogging the mic, he means.

Boaz responds to the first round of open debate. I'm impressed with his use of the word "schism". Everyone is upset about the political education, just like I expected, but no one has said indoctrination yet. These kids are too friendly. Strong point by Mercedes with a strong response by Garen. Not as many direct responses as in the last debate. The afternoon sleepiness is getting worse - people are chatting among themselves, taking off their shoes and taking 30-second power naps. Wake up, democracy! This should be the most exciting topic today.

Bibi is consistently participating and makes a strong point in every debate. Kudos to her. Another titan is Machteld, who quickly responds to her. Lancelot offers some nuance by explaining that media framing is not inherently evil. These debates tend to be quite black and white, so thank you Lancelot.

Strong points from Viv and Amélie. These are the kind people who are refusing to lose focus and are keeping the debate going.

Viv and Simon finish the debate with a summation. A casual speech from Simon and a very well-rehearsed one from Viv.

Unfortunately the resolution did not pass.

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