zondag 14 januari 2018


A grim defence speech on the gravity of the food waste situation (the "profit-driven and waste-based society") by Clara. Meta follows with a perfectly structured attack. Pien van Nuland disagrees with ENVI's preconceptions about consumer behaviour in a constructive speech.

ENVI II uses a direct response so Katy can respond to the attack speeches. She does so very well, if a little angrily. The direct responses are flying so this might turn out to be a lively debate. Anna, Brechtje and Sarah, who have laying low until now, speak up with very nice points.

Eva responds to the open debate (which has almost exclusively covered doggy bags...) eloquently. Great points by Bella and Lina.

Isabelle easily knocks out an unprepared summation, responding to all the points made during the debate with facts and figures. This debate was quite full of opinions and guesswork, so a fact-based speech is wonderful. Fay emphasises once again the core of the issue, and reminds the delegates of the paradox in our society - mass food waste and 870 million undernourished people. Isabelle and Fay make a great team, and ENVI II has done well in their debate.

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