zondag 14 januari 2018

GA day: ENVI I

In a well-structured defence speech, Radoua explains the problem of urban infrastructure. She presents both her committee's resolutions and its limitation. Radoua's defence speech is followed by Hannah's perfectly timed attack speech, which urges the proposing committee to value humanity over economy. A bitingly sarcastic attack speech on tax breaks by Grace sets the tone for the open debate.

Amélie kicks off the open debate with a good point on the economic problems of some member states, who are already struggling to maintain their existing grey infrastructure. Rijk (who is wearing a great suit) responds to the first round of open debate. A sound suggestion from Lieve is met with a chain of direct responses.

Samuel joins the debate with some facts, which we can always use. The debate is constructive: environmental issues are always easier to understand, and the delegates feel confident enough to make their own suggestions instead of just criticising the resolution.

Andrea starts off the summation speech and shows herself to be an excellent speaker. Vince's final words are memorable. We will not forget about urban heat islands for a long time.

ENVI I did very well, but the resolution did not pass.

Fun fact: this debate was named "the liveliest debate as of yet" by Vice President Henok.

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