zondag 14 januari 2018

GA day: EMPL

After lunch the debates always get slower and the points more repetitive. Let's hope this session is the exception. EMPL's topic is youth unemployment, so the young delegates should be able to get involved and angry.
Marijn's defense speech in intelligent and delicately worded. Isabelle Stad attacks EMPL stating that underpaying is never okay, not even under the guise of "education". Zoƫ's attack is less critical. She offers slight tweaks to EMPL's resolution.

The open debate starts with a point by a strong point from Dina on  contracts which elicits two(!) direct responses, one agreeing with her and one rebuttal from the proposing committee. This is a lively debate. The president has reminded the delegates that everyone should be speaking up by now. I'm not sure if it worked, I'm hearing a lot of the same people... Mila from the proposing committee is getting impatient with the amount of remarks on binding contracts. She quickly shoots them down with a direct response.

Hannah is the first to drop the S-word: "slaves". Very constructive point from Clara. All quiet in AFCO's corner. If they want to win the debate they better step up their game. Juliette's response to this round of open debate is good: she explains the issue clearly and quickly. 

Samuel gets the very first open-debate-applause for a truly moving point on the right to education. The level of the debate skyrockets, and the following points are louder, clearer and more passionate.

EMPL's summation is presented by Bella and Mila. A compliment to Bella for her clear explanation and to Mila for her wonderful English. Well done EMPL!

And EMPL's resolution has passed! It was a narrow victory but a well-deserved one.

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