zondag 14 januari 2018

GA day: AFCO

AFCO starts off with a strong defence speech by Anastacia, who used a motorcycle club as an allegory for Britain's relationship with the EU. Eva from ENVI II was also unfazed by the microphone and savagely attacked AFCO's resolution. She was followed by Abel, who quietly expressed his disappointment. So far: three great speeches.

So far in the open debate the delegates are critical of AFCO's approach. Machteld from the proposing team manages to respond to all the criticism. AFCO has truly understood the spirit of debate with a direct response from Wolf, which starts a chain reaction of direct responses including a very eloquent one from Ezra.

This year's debate includes confident speakers and some quality English. All committees are participating equally, which is not always the case. This dry, constitutional issue has turned emotional as the debate becomes one on strong economy vs. strong identity. Some want to punish Britain for even considering a Brexit, others want to ensure lasting friendly relations between the UK and the EU.

Lina and Machteld finish up the debate with a human approach, including the refugee crisis in a well-researched summation speech. Well done AFCO, on your "soft Brexit with a hard approach.

Sadly, the motion for a resolution by AFCO was voted against by a whopping majority and did not pass.

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